Friday, November 02, 2007

Stocking Stuffer

What do you stuff your stockings with? No, not your foot. My paperback novel HOLLYWOOD SINNERS would make perfect Christmas stocking stuffers, yes? So buy about 3 dozen (the book, not nylons) and you'll be set for the Holidays!!!

And I got a new review yesterday, at GATHER, hooray :

A Review Of Hollywood Sinners by Peter Joseph Swanson
by Kay M.

November 01, 2007 03:21 PM EDT
rating: 10/10

Is the grass always greener? Starving young Karin Panotchitch, a sheep farmer's daughter, was sure she would find greener pastures in 1930's Hollywood . After disposing of her abusive husband she set out on the highway, certain that she was destined for stardom. What did she find in Hollywood? The title of this book is fair warning.

Karen is both a victim and a perpetrator. At times I felt sympathy for her while at other times I wanted to slap her silly and often I found myself cheering her on. I think this is the way her boss, Mama Gravy, might have felt about her as well. Mama Gravy is the the lesbian owner of the dance hall where Karen ends up after failing to find gainful employment in Hollywood shops. A girl has got to eat.

When Karen is not dancing, she is cavorting with sleazy B movie directors and a mobster family who are planning to take over MGM. Yes, murder and mayhem ensue! Now what would a girl like that have to do with a nun on a trolley?

No dull moments in this book. I laughed, I cried. Well, actually I am lying about the crying part. You can find this book in paperback at
ISBN: 1-60076-041-4


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