Monday, April 02, 2007


Here are two new (customer) reviews for my new novel Hollywood Sinners.

1) Fun Romp through old Hollywood, April 2, 2007

Reviewer: Elizabeth Heskett - 5 stars.

This is the perfect book to sink into while taking a long soak in a tub with glass of wine. The story is so engaging and takes you to a time of movies that is long gone. One of it's guilty pleasures is that you can become engaged with the character easily and vicariously follow her on her path to stardom. I highly recommend this novel for a fun romp through old Hollywood.

and this one is wild! -

2) Each sentence led me down a path of anticipation, hungrily reading faster and faster to discover the events that unfolded. Karin's continuing quest for stardom takes her from tragic and seedy back rooms where those in the bowls of Hollywood continue to spin the wheels that propel the star to the inevitable. A very good read filled with action, savvy, esoteric Hollywood slang, humor, tragedy, a real combination leaving me breathless on numerous occasions. Swanson's gift with words beckons to the reader as a delicious appetizer - teases the taste-buds, to consume more and and more in an attempt to finish all. A fast paced tale spun in a maze on the road to a dream in Tinseltown. - Suzanne McKitterick

I guess that means they liked it!

Peter Joseph Swanson (the author)


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