Friday, September 01, 2006

the bio, the links

I will have two novels coming out (soon). Hollywood Sinners (a 30's gangster starlet melodrama) and Hidden River (a drag queen's erotic tale).

I grew up on a goat farm near the Mississippi River near Mark Twain country. I did as much theater and art in high school as I could. My college degree was in art, cinema and photography. I’ve won two awards for film making in Minneapolis.

I’ve worked at grocery stores, a pizza place, a punk coffee shop, and at two large groups homes for mentally ill and retarded adults. Being involved in labor organizing, I was the recording secretary for the Steel Workers union. I’ve always written stories and poems. I had five self illustrated children’s stories published in Canada.

Did I say I'll have two novels out? One from Lady Aibell Press (an imprint of Chippewa Publishing) and one from Stone Garden Publishing. I do a Joan Crawford comic strip for Outlands Magazine, a monthly gay publication in Reno.

My links:

The poems and Joan Crawford art change every month!