Friday, December 17, 2010

Bunny Umber the Punk Rocker

(this is a little excerpt from my published novel PUNK MINNEAPOLIS)

Bunny Umber, a totally decked out punker with four colors of dreaded hair tied up high in a crowning variety of knots and loops, lollygagged across the covered pedestrian bridge that spanned the Mississippi, linking the west bank of the University to downtown Minneapolis. Reading the graffiti along the way, she wished for something more clever than an A in a circle. Then she saw Jesus Will Save You.

In a flash she was reminded of a time when she was a little girl and had wandered off into the sanctuary of the Catholic Church and the statue of Christ floated down off the wall and pinned her to the floor. Though it had to be a crazy kid’s dream, certainly brought about by something like an unsafe artificial food color, it still seemed too real for her to forget. Her wild decade of punk parties and punk flings and punk drunks never took away the feeling that it had just happened recently. If she didn’t always pound herself over the head with being punk, she’d forget where she was, and once again feel so miserably tiny… so well spoken… so mommy’s good little Bunny honey.

“Love your hair!” a girl said to her, also taking in the sight of thousands of safety pins in rows down her ripped up fishnet tights.

Bunny Umber smiled and nodded knowingly. She loved to be looked at by all the poor drab college dopes who were struggling to be soulless cogs in the corrupt corporate slave wheel. Maybe seeing her grand punk countenance would inspire them to hope for true liberation. It was a hope of hers. Then for some reason, out of the blue, she thought about an Ouija board spelling out the simple little word N-U-N.

“Odd. I don’t own an Ouija board.”

Two male students looked at her in alarm. She decided they needed to be humiliated and bellowed at them, “The Goddess watches thee!”

One veered left and the other right. They tripped over each other, and then tried to catch each other. Bunny Umber smiled, satisfied. “I have power! I was visited by the powers of the spirit Anger and will lead the righteous into the new era of punk liberation!”

The young men ran off.

The back cover blurb:

At a pizza place in uptown Minneapolis, scenesters and a psychic try very hard to find the next cool party and a pure state of punk living in the summating year of 1989. Their overripe imaginations (and beer) bring out bizarre fatal accidents, memories of once being devil possessed, and a vengeful ghost of a hippie who had overdosed.

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At 10:54 PM , Blogger Sheila Deeth said...

Bunny's such a great character! In fact, all your characters are such great characters.


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